BKK - Suvarnabhumi Airport's Best Kept Secret:

There are plenty of places to eat and drink at Suvarnabhumi airport. From Starbucks to sushi, Suvarnabhumi has it covered so you won't go hungry as you wait for your plane. But few people (apart from locals and airport staff) seem to know about the fantastic little restaurant called Nad Jour overlooking a beautiful garden setting. If you're feeling adventurous, make a beeline for some great Thai food and avoid the inflated charges inside the main building.

Looking at Bangkok airport from the front, there is a large landscaped garden on the far left-hand side (left of the domestic) on Level 1. Just make your way down to Level 1, exit the building and turn right (past the medical centre) towards the garden and you'll see the small restaurant tucked away in the corner. You can either sit inside in air-conditioned comfort or there are also a few tables arranged outside in the garden. This place is favoured by aircrew and airport staff and don't be intimidated if you are the only Westerner in there! Similarly, don't worry if you see no English signs inside the restaurant. The staff are very friendly and even if you don't speak Thai you should have no problems. There is a counter on your immediate right as you enter where you buy coupons which you then exchange for your food or drink. The chances are that the cashier will actually ask you in English what you want to eat and point you in the right direction.

Don't stand on ceremony as you'll soon see that the notion of a queue is a very foreign idea in Thailand. Grab your tray and walk along the line of food until you see something you fancy, smile, point, and you're away! Just as an example, last time I was there with my sister, I requested 120 Baht worth of coupons. Our order for two lots of khao man gai (chicken over rice with broth) and two drinks came to a total of 100 Baht. The remaining 20 Baht coupon was refunded in cash at the same counter. We went around 1p.m. and the place was almost full with airport staff on their lunch-breaks.

Highly recommended.