DMK - Don Mueng Airport's Employee Food Court:

There are plenty of places to eat and drink at the refurbished Don Mueng airport. From Starbucks to sushi, they've got it covered so you won't go hungry as you wait for your plane. But few people (apart from locals and airport staff) seem to know about the great little food court called Magic Food Point. If you're feeling adventurous, make a beeline for some great Thai food and avoid the inflated charges inside the main building.

It's about a 5-7 minute walk east of terminal 1. Between the check-in kiosks and the door to departures, is a pathway zone. Followit to the left for about 300 meters and take an elevator to the 1st floor. Head to the outside where the taxis are and turn right. (just ask any airport employee... "Magic Food Point"... they will happily direct you) There are about 8 different food vendors selling soups, Halal food, noodle dishes and padang food. This outlet mainly caters to the airline ground staff, technicians, re-fuelers etc.

Highly recommended.