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(Spicy Thai Noodles)

After much experimentation and return trips to the SiBoya kitchen, I now realize that this dish does best being prepared 1 at a time, 2 max. Any more that that will end in a gummy ball. So, the ingredient amounts listed are for 1 serving. Multiply the amount of ingredients as required for the number of people served.

Advance prep... (prepare and have at the ready... multiple by the number of guests)
225g (2 oz) - dried flat Thai rice noodles 1/8 inch wide
(Soak noodles for 20-25 minutes in enough lukewarm water to cover them. They should be flexible and soft, but not so soft that they can be mashed easily with the fingers. Later cooking in liquid will soften them more. Drain them thoroughly in a colander while preparing the other ingredients. Traditionally they are left in full-length strands, but you may break them in half if you find it easier to stir-fry them that way.)
125 mL (1/2 cup) - firm tofu (1/2" cubes) sautéed till brown on two sides
1 bunch - green onion (sliced diagonally into 1" pieces)
25 mL (1 Tbs) - dried baby shrimp
1 toe - garlic (chopped)
1 fresh - Thai chili (chopped)
60 mL (1/4 cup) - bean sprouts
50 mL (2 Tsp) - crushed peanuts
60 mL (1/4 cup) - sauted tofu (sugar cube size)
1 wedge - fresh lime
Method... Mix in hot wok.
50 mL (2 Tbs) - vegetable oil
25 mL (1 Tbs) - soy sauce
10 mL (2 tsp) - thick sweet soy sauce
10 mL (2 tsp) - palm sugar (sub. brown sugar)
25 mL (1 tsp) - "Chili sauce for chicken" (available at most Asian food stores)
1 portion - of soaked noodles
1 toe - garlic (chopped)
1 - Thai chili (chopped)
25 mL (1 Tbs) - dried baby shrimp
1 portion - sauted tofu cubes
Stir fry all... lifting and folding.

1 egg - move the noodle mix to one side of the wok, break the egg into the space. Break the yolk and scramble quickly and allow to cook, then cover the egg with the noodles and fold to mix.

the green onion, continue the lifting and folding motion, still avoiding breaking the noodles. Cook for about 30 seconds.

Serve topped with a clump of bean sprouts, a generous spoonful of ground peanuts and a wedge of lime. Or serve toppings separately for each diner to add according to taste.