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(Thai spicy fish cakes) - makes 12


225 g (1/2 lb) white fish filet (cod, snapper or halibut)
50 mL (3 Tbs) red curry paste [see Red Curry paste]
30 mL (2 Tbs) Thai fish sauce (nam pla)
1 egg
50 mL (3 Tbs) cornstarch
1 mL (1/4 tsp) baking soda
6 Kaffir lime leaves (fresh or frozen... if dry, soak in water till soft - sliced super fine)
75 mL (1/3) cup cilantro chopped
oil for frying

  1. Remove all bones from the fish.
  2. Combine fish, curry paste, fish sauce, egg, corn starch and baking soda in a food processor and puree till a smooth paste.
  3. Place fish mixture in a bowl, add sliced lime leaves and chopped cilantro, stir vigorously for 1 minute.
  4. Shape into 2 inch patties and fry till golden brown.
  5. Garnish with slice red peppers and cilantro leaves. Serve with "Chili sauce for chicken" for dipping.
  6. Serve in a large tureen or in soup plates, sprinkled coriander leaves and spring onions.