The Continuing Adventures of Cowboy Bob & Bonanza Jellybean...
The Early Days

Joann was infected with wanderlust long before I knew her. Ever since we've been together I've heard... "Bob, we just have to go traveling. If we don't, we'll regret it." So here goes... we sold our house, quit our jobs and bought one-way tickets to Bangkok...

Wednesday December 5, 1979 Vancouver, Canada

We departed Vancouver at 9:05AM on Western Airlines "...the only way to fly" as the commercial used to go back in the 60's. At 12:00N, the smog cutter special arrived at LAX. We took the airport Greyhound to the scary Los Angeles bus station then transferred onto one to Oceanside. From there it was local bus to Leucadia, arriving at 5:00PM. Dave, Ariel, Nicholas (six months old) and Issla (black Lab) were glad to see us and they loved the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. Rather than sleep on the couch Ariel had arranged for us to stay at Joan's (a friends) place four houses up. Mmm that California sun. It's so nice to sit out on the deck at 10:00PM in 80 deg. warmth sipping on the Covosier VOSP (24.00 Cdn) we picked up at the Vancouver duty free.

Thursday December 6, 1979 Leucadia, California

Friday December 7, 1979 Leucadia, California

Saturday December 8, 1979 Leucadia, California

Sunday December 9, 1979 LA, California

Monday December 10, 1979 Maui, Hawaii

Monday December 11, 1979 Maui, Hawaii

Tuesday December 11, 1979 Maui, Hawaii

Wednesday December 12, 1979 Maui, Hawaii

Thursday December 13, 1979

Friday December 14, 1979 Seoul, Korea

Saturday December 15, 1979 Seoul, Korea

Sunday December 16, 1979 Seoul, Korea - Osaka, Japan

Monday December 17, 1979 Kyoto, Japan

Tuesday December 18, 1979 Kyoto, Japan

Tuesday December 25, 1979 Kyoto, Japan - Merry Christmas

Saturday December 29, 1979 Kyoto, Japan - Taipei, Taiwan.

New Years Eve - Monday December 31, 1979 Taipei, Taiwan.

Wednesday January 2, 1980 Taipei, Taiwan.

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