The 1990 Adventure of Cowboy Bob & Bonanza Jellybean

We arrived at Railay Beach only to find that Pine Bungalows had moved... they were now further north at Klong Muang. The beach was

This year, along with another couple we chartered a 17 meter sloop and went 100 Km off shore to the Similan Islands for a week. The Similan Islands are reputed to have the clearest water and the best beaches in Thailand. There is some accommodation in the form of dorms run by the Parks Authority that can be booked from Bangkok. As we entered the bay it become apparent that paradise was lost. The beach was alive with people all appearing to be Thai. We dropped anchor and headed to shore to find a cold soda. Talking to some of the Thais, we found that the Health Department from the south western provinces was holding a seminar, 300 strong. On the return leg as we passed the southern tip of Phuket the skipper told us of an island he had stopped at earlier that month. Ko Raja. He said it was like it used to be in southern Thailand, only one set of bungalows, few boats from Phuket and the waters and coral were the best.

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