The 1993 Adventures of Cowboy Bob & Bonanza Jellybean in Thailand!

Wednesday February 3, Victoria - Canada

We both had a very restless night waking often. Don't know why maybe stage fright or something, Joann is having mixed feelings about abandoning her Dad and Sister even more than her Mom. I was up at about 7:00AM doing the last minute things that are always left to the last minute, especially for procrastinators like me. And the phone was ringing off the bloody wall, it figures just when we're in a hurry somebody wants to buy a sailboat. We were so rushed we didn't even get a chance to say good-bye to George and Gracie. The bald headed Bluebird Taxi driver had his tie on but it didn't quite reach his belt which he couldn't see over his immense round belly. A jolly fellow nice enough to help us up the stairs from the beach house with the bags, very heavy bags. He said "You must have fun carrying in the groceries." all the while looking as though a cardiac arrest was imminent.

The people at Northwest reservations had said on Friday, that because we held open return tickets, they were unrestricted and that changing the departure day was no problem and could be done at the Victoria airport at the time of departure. NOT! Well almost not. Three phone calls to Northwest and forty minutes later, the ticket desk attendant finally had printed us an all new ticket. All the time I'm feeling a tightness in my chest, like the last couple of days cleaning up all the loose ends one has to before heading off on a eight week vacation. Hope it's all accurate. Checked three bags all the way through to Bangkok, you know those hand written baggage checks that lets the baggage go from Victoria to Seattle change planes then on to Tokyo change planes then through some miracle end up on the luggage carousel in Bangkok. That left only six as carry on. Joann thinks this is getting a little out of hand but if we are only going to be at Pine Bungalows then the movement of bags won't that big a problem, he said.

I can feel the stress levels easing up already. The advance seat assignment came true we in fact were place

"'s sort tastes like ah, hmm, cold spinach linguini dipped in weak soy sauce with wasabi and shaved green onions mixed in. A nice light snack"

Friday February 5, Bangkok - Thailand
Saturday February 6, Bangkok - Thailand
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Tuesday February 9, Krabi - Thailand
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Monday March 1, Krabi - Thailand
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Wednesday March 3, Krabi - Thailand

Thursday March 4, Krabi - Thailand
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Thursday March 11, Krabi - Thailand
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