The 2003 Adventure of Cowboy Bob & Bonanza Jellybean!

We had planned to go to Cuba with Glenn in February but after visiting him in NYC in October, the limitations of my knees made the prospect of trekking around rural Cuba, a painful thought. So... we regrouped and booked flights back to Thailand with a side trip to Cambodia.

Saturday January 25, 2003... Off we go... into the wild blue yonder....

We're off to South East Asia again... TELUS Joann has been "workin' in the coal mines... workin'... " and has 5 weeks of well earned leave... BCBC Bob has managed to parley 3 weeks vacation into 5 weeks ('s da man Stan)... Aeroplan said that they'd throw in a pair of seats... so who could say no? '

Sunday January 26, 2003... we crashed at the WE-TRAIN International House... we're hoping to meet a colleague of Bob's from BCBC... he's heading back home after a 3 months travel fest and discovery... anyway... he's flying back to Vancouver today so he said he'd try and be at the WE-TRAIN and we could pass the baton over breakfast. In fact we passed unseen at the airport.

Monday January 27, 2003... We hopped on Bangkok Airways and flew to Siem Reap in Cambodia... checked into a Hotel/Guest House and tour de ville... the next day, our NYC buddy came in via Singapore. We cruised Angkor Wat for a couple of days... 

Friday January 31, 2003... We all departed Cambodia, Glenn flew back to Singapore for 1 night then fly up to Krabi... we flew back to Bangkok... My 56th birthday started with scrambled eggs at the Mandalay Inn and finished at a Thai all you can eat brazier near the WE-TRAIN. 

Saturday February 1, 2003... We power shopped at the Chatuchak weekend market Sunday the 2nd, flew to Krabi and meet up with Glenn at the City Hotel for 1 night, finally going to Ko Siboya on Monday the 3rd and chilled out for 4 weeks... just being... You know... as in "Be Here Now"!!