The 2005 Adventures of Cowboy Bob & Bonanza Jellybean

I had a total replacement of my left knee in Jul'04... titanium and plastic; so back to Siboya Bungalows for a wee bit of R&R. We flew to Singapore, up to Krabi for 4 weeks; then back to Singapore overnight on the way home! 

Thursday, January 19, 2005 - Victoria, BC, Canada

Our flight this year was quite convoluted... The Tsunami on December 26th had changed everything... all of the airlines in the region were scrambling to cut their losses on the masses of cancelled flights. Our connection from Singapore to Krabi was with Silk Air. One week before departure, Elaine our travel agent called to say that the flight from SIN to KBR had been cancelled. The only way to meet our timetable (meeting Glenn in Krabi) would mean going via LAX and taking a non-stop 18 hour flight from Los Angeles to Singapore. Our negative anticipation of such a long flight did not come to pass. The seats were almost business class and the reality was that the flight was very good. I'd would definitely do it again. I can see the benefit of the non-stop flights that will be coming in the future with the new long-range planes.

I suspected that the transfer time at LAX was going to be too short for the bags to make it even though SIA had assured us they would. When we arrived in Krabi on Saturday morning, our checked bags didn't. Ever since the United Airlines fiasco a couple years back, we now travel with a change of clothes in our carry-on.

Our airport transit throughout the journey was quite trouble free. Most staff were helpful with my mobility issues

Thursday, February 19, 2005 - Krabi Thailand

Our flight to Singapore didn't leave till 2:00 PM so we had a relatively leisurely morning at Siboya Bungalows.